FriendshipCollar "The Prancing Pony" Friendship Headcollar and Bracelet

By FriendshipCollar


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Show off your friendship with a Friendship Halter! Each halter comes with a matching bracelet for you, because best friends should match!

Our friendship halters are extremely adjustable, with holes on both sides of the crown piece. They also have an adjustable chin strap, to customize the fit for those with dainty noses to those with bigger bones! There is a cheek clip for easy on/off action.

There are two sizes of horse halter. The Friendship halter is extra adjustable, to fit a wider range of horses than your typical halter!

Cob: equivalent of “small”, this size will fit horses that usually wear Cob size halters as well as horses that wear Average horse size halters on the tighter holes. This is suitable for most ponies too!

Horse: equivalent of “medium”, this size will fit a majority of horses. Those who wear Average/ Horse size halters. It also fits most Warmbloods, excluding those with especially drafty heads.
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